Welcome to the International School of Gemology, the worlds finest and fastest growing gemological education organization that offers world class gemology training at the world's lowest tuition rate. We are the innovators in affordable, quality distance education in gemology and jewelry appraisal that is based on our certified insurance industry education delivery system. Choose from one of our quality education programs below to learn more.

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ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser Program

The complete 8 course program of gemology and jewelry appraisal. This is the finest distance education package available for those seeking careers in gemology and/or jewelry appraisal. Includes special courses in damage evaluation and appraisal.

ISG Registered Gemologist Program

This program includes the same 4 courses in gemology but does not include the appraisal related courses. This course is for anyone interested in gemology as a career or hobby but does not need the special appraiser training of the RGA program.

Individual Courses in Gemology

For those looking to study a specific subject, or those needing to spread out the tuition costs by taking one individual course at a time. You can take the courses one at a time and still qualify for the RG or RGA titles.

Introduction to Gemology Course

This course was designed for those new to the study of gemology, and for those would like to experience the ISG school before going forward with the full RG or RGA programs. A great foundation course in gemology for anyone who loves gemstones.

Gemologist Apprentice for Kids!

A great place to start for the young gemologist or future gem dealer. This course is based on our Introduction to Gemology course, but is designed and produced with young students in mind, and comes with the ISG Gemstone Collection set. Recommended for Grade 3 through Middle School.

Registered Gem Dealer Course

Professional training for the beginners to learn how to start a successful business as a gemstone dealer. Takes you through all aspects of setting up and operating a gem dealers office, including additional support to assist you to become successful.

Successful Web Building Course

This is a foundation level course on website building intended for those new to the Internet business, or those wishing to improve their search engine standings, and need assistance in developing your business website.


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