The International School of Gemology has responded to your many requests for a program to split up the payments of your ISG RGA or RG program, or simply to take an individual ISG course. We are pleased to present Click on the icon to visit this new production by the ISG to offer world-class education at affordable prices.

Registered Gemologist Appraiser

The complete 8 course program of gemology and jewelry appraisal. This is the finest distance education package available for those seeking careers in gemology and/or jewelry appraisal. Includes special courses in appraisal.

Registered Gemologist

This program includes the same 4 courses in gemology but does not include the appraisal related courses. This course is for anyone interested in gemology as a career or hobby but does not need the special appraiser training.

Introduction to Gemology Course

If you would like to experience our program before making your decision, or are just looking to learn more about gemology, we offer our popular Introduction to Gemology course here.

Individual Classes

If you would like to take an individual class in gemology, or would like to spread out the time and cost of ISG study, we have created the Individual Classes destination just for you.

ISG Insurance CE

Visit the home of the ISG Insurance Continuing Education courses, the foundation of the ISG certification and accreditation. We are certified insurance education providers and instructors.

ISG Weekly Video

Get the latest news and events from your International School of Gemology, including the latest from the gemology and appraisal industries. Start your Tuesday with the ISG!

ISG: Best Online Gemology Schools

We are proud to announce that the ISG has received "Best Online Gemology School" rating by two major internet jewelry organizations, as well as more about ISG in the news.

ISG Graduate Support

We offer a variety of resources and support for our ISG Graduates around the world. If you are an ISG Graduate we invite you to take advantage of this important service.

ISG Global Network

Find a qualified ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser or Registered Gemologist for all of your professional gemstone and appraisal needs by visiting our new ISG Global Network.

Our students and graduates say it best...
  • Thanks for all the wonderful lessons from ISG! I really enjoyed being a part of your Registered Gemologist Program. I have just passed my Registered Gemologist's Exam and can't wait to display my diploma in my jewelry store! I'll be happy to refer anyone to your program. As a former GIA student, I truly feel that your program offers the best hands on, practical, day to day knowledge that is available including GIA. Good luck in the new office and continued success! Sincerely, –Bill Warren, Pres. North Carolina Jewelers Association

  • I am a G.G. and F.G.G. I signed up for the I.S.G. in its infancy as a kind of a refresher because so many things had changed in the field of gemology since I got my degrees in the mid 80's. I was impressed with the quality and quantity of information available through the courses. Robert James, a graduate of both the Gemological Institute and British Gemmological Association, is constantly updating the material and refining the presentation. I would recommend the ISG for those who want a user friendly and reasonably priced study of gemology. –Barbra Voltaire FGG, GG Gemology Online

  • I received the material to begin the program as a ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser yesterday. I am thoroughly impressed with your program. The material was received in unprecedented time between payment and delivery of material. I have only read the first 4 chapters of The Pearls Course and have learned more than I have acquired in a lifetime of gemstone study and research. The study material and recommendations for learning are not only helpful, but it would seem that anyone taking your courses are sure to be successful. I look forward to this study in your program with confidence and without apprehension. I am delighted to be one of your new students. Thank you for making this learning process possible and accessible.–Adele S. ISG Student