• The Beauty of Canadian Nephrite Jade

    6 November 2015

    The Beauty of Canadian Nephrite Jade

    Many people who think of nephrite jade think of some dull, mottled green looking stone with little life and only a modicum of beauty as you see below right. Today, we are going to blow away that concept and show you the real Beauty of Canadian Nephrite Jade as seen at left, thanks to the good folks at Jade West.

    The massive Canadian Jade formation runs throughout Western Canada and is mined primarily by a company called Jade West. During the short mining season (due to the weather in the area) Jade West mines a reported 100 tons of this amazing nephrite jade from their three mines.

    At left is a slab of Ogden Jade obtained from Jade West for the ISG Colored Gemstone Course and ISG Student Reference Collection. All of the items you see here today are in the ISG Student Reference Collection and available for you to see in our next ISG Gemology Week event.

    The amazing color formations of this jade is unlike anything else in the world, and is one of the toughest gem materials on the planet.

    The polished slab at right was in one of our front office showcases that was destroyed by the drunk driver slamming into our building last year. This was one of the few specimens that survived intact and without any damage, testifying to the tenacity of this amazing gemstone.

    What many people miss, however, is that the beauty of this material is not just on the surface. When viewed in back transmitted light the internal beauty of the structure of Canadian Jade comes to light as you see below. The formation of this nephrite jade is unlike anything else we have seen as the translucent colors provide a unique perspective of beauty as you view the stone from different angles and in different lighting environments.

    Many people are surprised to see the amazing translucency of Canadian Nephrite Jade. As you can see with these two slides at right, when viewed under 10x magnification using overhead and then back transmitted light, the true natural translucency of this jade can be easily demonstrated.

    At right is a section of the Ogden jade slab viewed through our Meiji Techno microscope at 10x with standard overhead and dark-field lighting used.

    Siberian Jade

    One of our most prized specimens of Canadian Nephrite Jade is this piece of Siberian Jade donated to the ISG Global Community by Jade West. The unique beauty of this piece demonstrates just how amazing this gemstone can be.
    Beautiful jewelry, amazing carvings and outstanding works of art! This is the Beauty of Canadian Nephrite Jade, and we strongly recommend the good folks at Jade West. You can visit their website by clicking their logo below to see more Canadian Nephrite Jade.
    Just for the record, the folks at Jade West have no idea we are showcasing their amazing Canadian Nephrite Jade in this newsletter, and had no input in the production. Our recommendation is based on the quality of the Jade West company, products, and most importantly their people. ISG
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