• ISG Journey Thru Gemology Returns Tomorrow Night!

    a publication of the International School of Gemology 21 March 2016
    Tomorrow night, Tuesday 22 March at 8pm Central Daylight Time (2000hrs -5 GMT) we invite all ISG Students and Graduates to the new and improved home of the ISG Journey Thru Gemology!

    We are pleased to announce that the ISG Journey Thru Gemology has found a new home! The ISG Journey Thru Gemology is now hosted on our own designated server, and has a new updated image system that will make saving the Journey study images for your reference library even easier. The new and improved Journey Thru Gemology also offers a new and upgraded programming that is not based on FLASH! We are now mobile friendly with a new PHP/MySQL system that eliminates the ongoing (and growing problem) of Flash chat rooms. We will start a new Journey Thru Gemology tomorrow night, Tuesday 22 March with a new series of real time, fun learning.

    Look at the amazing Oregon Sunstone above that has been in the ISG Student Reference Collection for several years. This amazing dichroic sunstone is going to be the foundation image of our next study section. Over the next few weeks we are going to go step by step through the amazing properties of gemstones, from asterism to magnetism and straight on down to performing hydrostatic specific gravity and more.

    We will have more information on tomorrow night's ISG Journey Thru Gemology in tomorrow's edition of the ISG Daily, and in this newsletter tomorrow afternoon.

    Whether you are an ISG RG or RGA, or an ISG student just getting going, you will not want to miss this important edition of the NEW and IMPROVED...ISG Journey Thru Gemology.

    I urge all active ISG Students and Graduates to visit with us tomorrow night at the new ISG Journey Thru Gemology and learn more about this important new development in ISG learning. Access is through the ISG Community Forums Board.

    This is going to be a fun night. You will not want to miss it. Starts at 8pm Central Daylight time, That is 2000hrs -5GMT. Remember....this gemology thing...its not about learning rocket science, its about making a living doing something you love. That is what the Journey Thru Gemology is all about.
    http://www.schoolofgemology.com/News.../ISGticket.gifThis is a real-time chat room environment complete with photographic presentations to help you best understand the study of gemology, and be able to ask questions and get assistance in real time regarding your ISG course work. This is a weekly presentation for all registered ISG Students and ISG Graduates that will help you learn better and faster, and all free from the ISG as part of our effort to provide a world-class education to our ISG Students at the world's most affordable tuition.
    If you are a registered and active ISG Student there is no cost to participate in this special learning journey. You may access the ISG Journey Thru Gemology chat room through the ISG Student Home Page link. If you are not yet an ISG Student, we invite you to learn about the most fun, rewarding and affordable gemology and appraisal study on earth by becoming an ISG RG or RGA Student. Fun. Rewarding. Affordable. That is what makes the ISG unique in gemology and appraisal training.
    To learn more about the world's most fun, most rewarding and most affordable study of gemology and jewelry appraisal click on the ISG icon below to visit our website and meet our community.
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