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    If the insurance industry truly understood the facts behind gemstone Lab Grading Reports, they would immediately stop allowing policy services to include them in insurance applications and polices and require sellers to do the grading and identification for themselves. If consumers truly understood the facts behind Lab Grading Reports, they would stop buying diamonds and gemstones based on these unsupported and worthless pieces of paper. Unfortunately, the gemstone industry is aware of these facts but continue to push them on both the insurance industry and consumers. This………is about to stop. Lab Grading Reports are a façade. And that façade is crumbling in court rooms and arbitration offices across the country. Why? Here is why….
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    Server Migration Complete and Other Updates

    23 June 2014

    We wish to post a quick update that the ISG website, along with all of our support websites, has been successfully migrated to our new server. This should speed up load times ...
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    It was one of those moments that rarely happen to me at jewelry shows anymore. After 43 years in this business, including countless days and miles walking through a myriad of show venues, I rarely get stopped in my tracks like I did at the recent JCK Las Vegas show. Perhaps it was the several years I spent investigating and studying turquoise and its many imitations on the market. Perhaps it was the amazing people I have met who mine and sell the authentic US produced turquoise from places like Lake Carico, Bisbee, Kingman and Sleeping Beauty to name a few. Throughout all of this I had not had the opportunity to experience the true history of the US turquoise story, that being the amazing jewelry items produced by the Native American peoples throughout the American Southwest.
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