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    Over the past 6 years, the ISG has provided our Gem Shopping at Bagram AB DVD package free of charge to any Coalition Forces member serving in Afghanistan with an APO or FPO address. Over this time we have had the honor to work with some of the finest people in the world who have committed their lives to the protection of their friends and families back home from hatred and religious tyranny. All of these folks have given greatly to the cause of freedom; some of them have given all they had in that fight. On this Memorial Day we honor the fallen heroes of the fight. However, we also want to take this time to honor those who you rarely hear about. The families of those fallen heroes who don’t get enough credit for their own sacrifices, but must endure the unendurable. On this Memorial Day we also honor the families of those lost in the fight for freedom. Our Gold Star Families
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    It was just an old suitcase that he slid out from under the bed. He opened it and quickly took inventory of the contents, then slid it back under the bed and walked on. His movements were almost mechanical as if he had done this hundreds of times before. In truth, he had. He kept this old suitcase carefully packed and under his bed, ready to go at a moment’s notice. His grandson who I was visiting at their home in Ocho Rios, Jamaica told me that his Grandfather checked the suitcase at least once a day to insure that everything was ready. “Ready for what?” I asked. “In case he is told to leave again,” was the answer. “Leave for where?” I asked. “Just leave” he responded. “He is ready to leave in case he is told he must go again”. “But you all have lived here for 50 years, you own this home and the land around it, including your stores, ” I questioned, “why is he always ready to leave?” The answer: “We are Sindhi. And my grandparents lived in Sindh during the Partition.”
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