Digital imaging just took a major step forward! Meiji Techno has introduced the next generation of 1080p video/photographic camera for your Meiji Techno trinocular microscope. Click on the link at right to learn more: Meiji Techno HD1500T Camera.

GEM Series

Professional quality microscopes for designed for jewelry stores and gemstone graders.

GEM BF/DF Series

Professional quality with bright field / dark field and additional features for jewelers and professionals..


Professional quality with expanded features for appraisers and jewelry store sales floors.

Meiji Techno Warranty

PThe only gemological microscope in the world with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

About Meiji Techno

Read the story and history of the world's finest gemological microscope.

Our professional customers say it best...
  • Over the last five years I have purchased 12 Meiji Techno scopes from Robert. They have provided flawless service and there hasn't been a problem with any of them and they are dirt cheap compared to other comparable scopes. I even have two extra Meiji scopes still in the box I purchased for spares, but they have been in storage for three years and to date there has been no need to put them in service. Be sure and order the rotating base with the scope head when you purchase. I have given away all of my GIA scopes and the only thing we use are the Meiji scopes.   –E.W. Tulsa Gold and Silver