ISG Gem Dealer Course

Welcome to the ISG Registered Gem Dealer Course. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a complete foundation level education in becoming a successful gemstone dealer. This course has ten (10) lessons that will take you through every stage of establishing a successful gemstone business. You should remember, however, that this is a portal and not a destination for your learning and business development. As you grow and expand your business you should take advantage of all opportunities to learn from other dealers and other education sources since the more you know the more you will profit.

You can access the lessons by using the drop down menu at the upper right hand corner of this page. At the end of each lesson is a Quick Quiz to test your understanding of the material in that lesson. The Quick Quizzes are for your practice and self-evaluation. Only your Final Exam will count as your final grade. Passing grade on all ISG exams is 70%.

Once you complete the Final Exam, you will receive the ISG Gem Dealer Course Certificate of Completion. Once you complete all three courses in the Registered Gem Dealer Program you will receive the diploma as an ISG Registered Gem Dealer and be listed in our world-wide registry of qualified gem dealers.

I appreciate your joining us for the interesting and profitable study of being a gemstone dealer.

Robert James FGA, GG
President, International School of Gemology