ISG Student Entrance

For ISG Students Registered Prior to 20 March 2017 Only

This entrance is only for ISG Students registered prior to March 21, 2017 in either the RGA or RG Package Programs. Please use the links below to enter the ISG Student Home Pages for your specific course areas. From there you will find access to all of the courses and support materials and links. Remember that your ISG Student Number is your User Name and should go on the first line. Your password is case sensitive so be sure and type it exactly as you received it in your ISG New Student Email. Please contact us for any questions or problems using the envelope icon link on the top right corner of this page. Please visit the new Student Orientation pages to view the video to learn more about your ISG courses or programs.

The ISG has ended the package registrations. As a result this student portal will be open for students registering prior to the above listed date. Please contact the ISG office for any questions.